2 0 gridview rowindex rowupdating

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2 0 gridview rowindex rowupdating-9

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Here is the code for the ASP : Data Controls insert rows into gridview then insert rows from gridview into SQL Table Hello there, I'm still new at performing miracles with code .From here, you can then retrieve your Selected Index. - Steve Wozniak Please remember to click on ' Mark as answer', if this post helped you...... How to get the row index of a selected row in listview control Can someone please tell me how to get the index of a selected row in a listview. Add At(0, row Header)----------------------....binding is ok, I can see everything correctly displayed........ I have the problem then though of not knowing which row caused the event.

If I use a buttonfield, I know it sets the commandargument to the row index...

Grid View Cell Index and Control Index How to find the grid view cell index and control index Where are you trying to do this from and what are you wanting to do?