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The Japanese culture usually allows for girls ages 10-16 to go through "experimental" phase, in which they crush on both guys and girls.Some outgrow this phase while others may remain either bi or gay.As explained in the manga, those who gain access to the Silver Crystal gain a lifespan of around 1000 years.At some point in their lives, their bodies will stop aging, and will retain a youthful appearance for the remainder of their lifespan.Other "sister" incarnations from Chaos include Queen Metallia, Wiseman, and Master Pharaoh 90.

Maybe she prayed to the Gods, and wound up creating a child from clay ALA Wonder Woman? In the Materials Collection artbook, it's stated that Lethe and Mnemosyne are twins, but it the manga, they appear as um ... They don't last long enough for an explanation in the series, but yes..are twins. Rei's mother died, and her father is a politician, who rarely sees his daughter.

And, in an effort to ease confusion, Naoko did write in the lil' intro boxes the following: So contrary to popular fiction, Chibiusa is NOT a temporary character, Kousagi will NOT be born first and then die later leaving only Usagi and her court to remember the quadruple Odango tot, Chibiusa is in fact Kousagi's older sister. (Not that she knew he was dead again to begin with, but who's counting?